New! Taric Support ABC*

Congratulations! You just updated your file containing, for each article, the corresponding commodity code, import duties and certificate codes. You checked if commodity codes expired or changed, reclassified goods where necessary, checked for new regulations and/or newly required certificates. It was a lot of work, no doubt. But it's done. However, you are aware of the problem: for how long? Regulations change and, actually, you should check every commodity code again before your next customs declaration. This is a costly, time-consuming and error prone task. And it ends now.

Taric Support ABC allows you to check hundreds of commodity codes for changes in a matter of seconds.

(*) ABC is for Automated Batch Control. The answer for anyone who needs to check more than one commodity code at a time.

Keeping up-to-date with regulations - the dilemma

As an organization, you are aware of the risk associated with having a file with outdated commodity codes or regulations: incorrect customs declarations can have major consequences, ranging from high, unforeseen costs to the loss of your status as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). Therefore, you aim to minimize this risk. However, until now the task of keeping up-to-date so time-consuming that it was hard to do this in a cost-effective way. Consequently, you've had to accept a certain risk of incorrect customs declarations. No more.

Taric Support ABC makes daily updates cost-effective

How does it work?

Using Taric Support ABC is simple. Log in to the Taric Support web application, upload an Excel file, indicate which column contains commodity codes and, optionally, which column contains countries of origin. Then press "Start" and let our application do it's magic. Just seconds later you can download an Excel file containing the results of the check.

The data in the resulting Excel file depends on the type of check that you have chosen. For example, for our basic check, the file will contain the following columns:

Furthermore, a few extra checks are being done. For example, our application checks if each commodity code exists, is still valid and/or has subdivisions. Taric Support ABC is set up to be very flexible. If your organization has a need for certain checks, we can create those checks for you and add them. Contact us if you have such a requirement.

NB: Taric Support ABC can also be used via our API, allowing these checks to be completely integrated into your in-house software.

Taric Support keeps you up-to-date

Please contact us for more information on Taric Support or Taric Support ABC. We're here to help!