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Hi everyone,

We put up this letter because the world seems to be in the midst of a Brexit-related emergency situation and our phones won’t stop ringing. Organizations have not been given enough time to prepare for the end of the transition period and as a result many companies are struggling to get their goods cleared by customs. We are receiving calls and emails by panicked freight forwarders, first-time traders and courier services. Providers of customs declarations software have indicated that their support departments are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of requests. But we can help you.

At Taric Support, we’ve built an all-in-one customs intelligence platform supplying organizations with all the information required to file correct customs declarations. It might be hard to believe in the midst of this turmoil, but with our platform preparing customs declarations becomes a breeze. As far as we know, our platform is the only one that contains all the information in both the EU trade tariff and the UK Global Tariff. Whether you're preparing a customs declaration for the movement of goods between Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Ireland or the rest of the EU, we've got you covered. We’re completely BREXIT-ready and we can help you to be, as well.

We also provide an API, for integrating EU and UK trade tariff data into your own systems automatically. In case you are dealing with high volumes, diverse commodity codes or if you cannot prepare customs declarations quickly enough, an API integration can speed up the process by orders of magnitude. For some types of companies, like courier services and companies dealing with e-commerce, it is possibly the only way to prepare customs declarations quickly enough.

For a free trial of our application, sign up through the button above. For API access, please contact us at

Best regards,
Team Taric Support

Brexit Ready

Superior user friendliness

All relevant customs information at a glance, unlocked in a single screen.

Always compliant

Because of our continuously and automatically updated customs information.

Challenge customs officials

Trust on our information to argue your case with customs officials.

Save time and money

No need to search elsewhere for customs information. Avoid unnecessary fines.

  • Instant access to all the data sources you need for a correct classification

  • The original HS Explanatory Notes as published by the WCO

  • Up-to-date legal notes, explanatory notes, BTIs and classification regulations

  • Stay informed about relevant regulations and case law

  • Integrated search for all data; from legal sources to commodity codes

  • Quick and easy access to the UK and EU trade tariffs

  • Newsfeed provides you with the latest customs news

  • An overview of national measures such as vat and excise in BE, NL and UK

  • Automatically check hundreds of commodity codes in just a few seconds

  • API available for integration with your own software

  • Available in 22 European languages

  • Superior software: continuous improvements, based on user requests, and an uptime of 99,98%

  • Including historical information, enabling you to look back in time, for example to check a ruling of customs officials