The Taric Support web application

The flow of goods and their declarations are growing in quantity and complexity. Therefore, it is important to handle declarations efficiently. Our application helps you to prepare your customs administration as quickly and easily as possible.

EU and UK Trade Tariff

The Trade Tariffs of the EU and the UK, combined in one user-friendly application.


Instant access to all the data sources you need for a correct classification.

Anti-dumping regulations

Submitting a declaration on goods from a country of origin with anti-dumping regulations can be difficult. So, it is very important to have the right information at the right time.

Explanatory Notes, Annotations and Classification Regulations

The Annotations and Explanatory Notes for the Combined Nomenclature, as well as the Explanatory Notes to the Harmonised System are available at any point in the application, just one click away. We keep an eye on EUR-Lex and integrate the latest Annotations and Explanatory Notes on a weekly basis, so you don't have to. We do the same for the EU Classification Regulations.

Search functions

Do you know all customs regulations by heart? Of course, that's not necessary. Using our application, you can search by keyword, (part of) commodity codes, or a combination of commodity code, country of origin or destination and choice of import/export. Moreover, there are built-in smart search features for finding, for example, additional codes for anti-dumping, finding commodity codes via BTIs, recent searches and favorites.


A proper determination of customs tariff is an important factor in your pricing. Taric Support provides you with a complete overview of all BTIs issued in Europe with accompanying pictures and/or drawings, including full history thereof. The BTIs, like the rest of our information, are easily accessible using the relevant commodity codes.

Excise duties

We provide an overview that shows clearly which excise duties are in force for which goods, and what the exact rates are. NB: at the moment, we provide information on excise duties for the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

Harmonized System Explanatory Notes and WCO Classification Opinions

The 6-digit HS-codes of the Harmonized System are the basis for the classifications used by customs authorities worldwide. The official WCO Explanatory Notes to the Harmonized System and the WCO Classification Opinions, are available as a module in Taric Support. They are not legally binding, but give a detailed explanation of how products should be classified, as well as many examples. It is generally agreed that they are crucial in finding the correct tariff classification.

The latest EU case law and regulations

Our application makes it easy to keep up-to-date with the latest case law and regulations.