Current Tariff and Regulations for Import and Export 0406902190 - Other Combined Nomenclature and Commodity Code 0406 9021 90 - Cheese and curd, Other cheese, Other, Cheddar, Other - Taric Support - Nomenclature, Tariff and Customs Regulations for Import and Export

Heading 0406

Cheese and curd


  • Cheese and curd
  • Other cheese
  • Other
  • Cheddar
  • Other

Here you can see an overview of the commodity codes used in this sub-division. The first six digits refer to the classification in the WCO Harmonized System (HS). This classification is further subdivided by the European Union into the eight-digit Combined Nomenclature (CN) codes. For import declarations, these codes are subdivided further into ten-digit Taric codes.

For import and export declarations at customs, you are required to classify the item you are importing or exporting in the Combined Nomenclature. The Taric Support application provides you with all the information you need for accurate classification. For a complete and up-to-date overview of the nomenclature, including HS Explanatory Notes, CN Explanations, and notes referring to the Combined Nomenclature, you can use the Taric Support application. Here you will find:

  • Current import duties for third countries and tariff preferences
  • VAT, excise duty and consumption tax information
  • All import and export measures, including rates, codes, additional codes and footnotes
  • Explanatory Notes concerning the WCO Harmonized System
  • Annotations and Explanatory Notes of the EU Combined Nomenclature
  • Anti-dumping duties and other anti-dumping regulations
  • Dual-use information for strategic goods
  • Information about tariff quotas
  • Information contained in the Netherlands Customs Tariff Facilities (DTV) 
  • Correlation tables
  • Classification regulations and other legislation
  • Binding tariff information (BTI / EBTI)

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